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    He Liang and Chunxiao Wu

    Vauxhall Firework Park

    Isometric render Vauxhall Firework Park Conceptual Drawing Compositional Drawing - Exploded Axonometric Context Drawing Firework Viewing Form & Vintage Vauxhall Entertainment Form Three Routes Renders

    Isometric render

    a visual entertainment park to explore the spatial pleasure of firework and its art.



    Vauxhall Firework Park is a visual entertainment park to explore the spatial pleasure of firework and its art. It is a two-semester architecture design project that Chunxiao Wu and I worked on to finalize our Master of Architecture study.

    The design facilities both outdoor and indoor space for people visually and physically experience firework and firework-related architecture. The indoor gallery space is evolved from the apparatus of firework-related spatial quality. Learning from Bernard Tschumi’s way to archive Architecture Montage in Parc de la Villette, we find our way to inform a cinematic architecture language and experience. Instead of the conventional way of viewing firework, we introduced restrained (framed) eye-sights to view and participate in an immersive experience. The outdoor grand talk was extracted from Vauxhall Garden (18century)’s supper boxes and other colonnades gallery. Another contemporary approach of ours could reference to Chinese pyrotechnic artist Cai Guo-Qiang with the use of gunpowder to trigger explosion on monumental architecture in outdoor space and to draw in the paper.

    In the design process, we created a new tool to translate fireworks linguistics on architecture. Our translation is based on direction, force, and route to generate a static structure capturing multiple sequential still images of the moment they burst. Our proposed apparatus enables folies to be the ‘frozen fireworks’ buying using Grasshopper coding.

    The conceptual and theoretical idea was always about contrast. Fire(work) itself is self-contradictory existence. Back in the 18century, gunpowder was used for war and the celebration of victory. The scary sound and extraordinary colour scene cheer people as a political tool. The canvas dark night can be suddenly lighted up by these mixed chemicals. everlasting event; while architecture and firework are born to be consumed.


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