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    The Architecture Fringe Graduate Showcase is a website for Architecture and Landscape Architecture students in Scotland who are finishing either their Part 1 or their Part 2 studies. This is a short form where you can upload your work to this website. We have added some guidance in this PDF. Please read first before uploading, and thanks for getting involved!

    1 — About You

    If your project was a joint project, please include all names here, in the following format: John Smith and Jo Jones :or: John Smith, Jo Jones and Sarah Hardy (etc.)

    Please provide a contact email should we need to get in touch with you. This will NOT be published on the website, and is for administration use only.

    What qualification are you submitting for this year?

    This field enables you to add the name of people who contributed to parts of your project, or who you collaborated with in the process, if relevant.

    2 — Your Work

    Tip: press the Ctrl (control) or Command key to select more than one category. (This is encouraged!)

    A short introduction to your project — 200 characters max.

    A longer description of your project — 1,500 characters max (about 200 words).

    3 — MEDIA


    • You should upload 1 hero image and at least 3 supporting images for your project, up to a maximum of 6 images including your hero image.
    • Images should be uploaded as JPGs, and be at least 1500px wide.
    • Filesize should be less than 5mb per image — use this online tool to save your images at 'Medium' quality if you're not sure.
    • Captions can be left blank if not required.

    Hero Image*

    Image 1*

    Image 2*

    Image 3*

    Image 4

    Image 5


    If you'd like to include a link to a PDF version of your project or portfolio, please upload your PDF to a file-sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox and paste the public sharing link below.


    You can include a publicly available video from you have uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo using the field below.

    Permission to Publish

    Please tick the following boxes if you are happy for Architecture Fringe to publish your work on the Architecture Fringe Graduate Showcase website